Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Hillary Clinton Should Be In Prison’

  • Right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack may not approve of President Trump’s alleged adultery, but he’ll continue to support him because “Hillary Clinton should be in prison.”
  • Speaking of Wommack, his Truth & Liberty Coalition is organizing an pre-election rally at Charis Bible College in November featuring Tony Perkins, Mike Huckabee, E.W. Jackson, Michael Farris, and others.
  • End Times author Paul McGuire says that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the intelligence community “as a mind control word” designed to stigmatize those who reveal the truth.
  • Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson is repulsed by the idea of “Black Breastfeeding Week.”
  • Finally, so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor’s gift is apparently so powerful that even his tweets are prophetic.