Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You’re in Trouble Now

  • Scott Lively is “not a medical doctor or scientist,” but he has “devoted 30 years of my life to Christian service in the front lines of the culture war,” which he believes has given him “special insights about our LGBT adversaries collectively.”
  • Josh Bernstein is promoting the idea that the deaths at the Astroworld music festival were part of a “Satanic sacrifice.”
  • Michele Bachmann has some advice for parents: “I would highly recommend you DO NOT vaccinate your children.”
  • Robin Bullock screams that he will not apologize for falsely prophesying that former President Donald Trump would win reelection in 2020: “You are going to answer for trying to regulate the Lord’s prophets. You, with your big educations.”
  • Mike Lindell believes that the election conspiracy theory “cyber symposium” he held in August was “one of the most successful events in history.”
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn used his Sunday sermon to rant about the pagan roots of Easter: “They would take one child and sacrifice that child to Baal. And then they would take the eggs and dye it in the blood of that child. That’s where dyeing Easter eggs comes from.”