Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Can’t Handle the Truth

  • David Kupelian says that Democrats and left-wing activists are out to destroy “normal, traditional-values, red-blooded, flag-saluting, Constitution-honoring, Bible-believing Americans” because such Americans represent truth: “They literally can’t stand to hear the truth. It’s more painful than they can bear, like sunlight to a vampire; they feel as though it’s going to burn them up. They just can’t stand it.”
  • Scott Lively urges the Proud Boys not to allow “butch homosexual men” to join the organization: “There is a toxic masculinity, and it’s homo-erotic.”
  • Cathie Adams defends Sen. Ted Cruz for fleeing to Mexico while Texas was in the midst of a deadly and catastrophic winter storm: “I am so proud of Senator Cruz for being a good dad, and I think just escorting his daughters on a vacation and then turning around and coming back is sacrificial. … Why in the world would people be putting him under a magnifying glass when he’s being a responsible dad and a responsible husband?”
  • Kat Kerr declares that she has “a commission for my life” from Heaven to let those on Earth know that Donald Trump is “actually right now our president.”
  • Mark Taylor insists that refusing to accept that Joe Biden is president is a sign of one’s loyalty to God.
  • Finally, E.W. Jackson tells LGBTQ rights activist to “keep your nasty, filthy, perverse homosexual hands, transgender hands off our children!”