Right Wing Bonus Tracks: What Trump and Jesus Have in Common

  • Bryan Fischer attempts to comfort President Donald Trump: “Mr. President, you and Jesus Christ have something in common. Politicians, lawyers, pundits, and cultural icons are out to destroy you just as they sought to destroy him.”
  • Gary Bauer sees the bright side of Democrats gaining control of the Virginia legislature: “Perhaps the best thing that can happen to Virginia is that the new legislature now in the hands of the left will attempt to put through some of those ideas that we see in places like New York City and in California,” resulting in a “tremendous backlash” that puts Republicans back in power.
  • Dave Daubenmire warns that if Trump fails to win reelection in 2020, the “payback will be hell from the demons that occupy the swamp.”
  • Cindy Jacob and other “prophets” were at the White House earlier this week for the roll out of the new One Voice Prayer Movement campaign designed to help reelect Trump.
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays against sex ed: “Father, may each of us rise to our responsibility as parents and require that anyone we delegate authority to educate our children fear God and teach them truth that is compatible with your commands — truth and not lies. If our schools teach and promote egregious sin in any of their curriculum, can they be trusted to teach truth in the rest? Lord, you have given us a charge to teach and train our children. Teach every believing parent and show them what they must do. Protect our children. Grant our teachers, administers, and government official repentance and faith. May they be used to teach and protect our children and not be subject to the harsh judgment you promise those who bring harm to any child. Only you can send revival that will impact our entire nation.”