Family Research Council Asks For Prayer To Protect Trump From ‘Left-Wing News Media’

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBTQ group Family Research Council, urged FRC Action members to join him in praying that God grants wisdom and protection to President Trump and to display a “PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP” bumper sticker on their vehicles so others do the same.

Perkins begins a fundraising letter dated December 14 by declaring that he is “not ashamed” to admit that he prays for Trump:

I’m not ashamed to say it: I PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!

You too, I’m sure!

I can tell you firsthand, Donald Trump needs and appreciates our prayers—for God’s wisdom and guidance, for His grace and protection, and for His will to be done and our nation blessed to the glory of God.

As committed followers of Jesus Christ, we are directed to pray for the leaders God has placed in authority across our land. All Americans—especially God’s people—could probably use a gentle reminder in these troubled times.

The letter goes on to explain the bumper sticker included in the envelope, which declares “PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP”:

Perkins goes on to write, “not since 9/11 can I recall a time when our president needed praying Christians like you and me in his corner more than he does today.” He cites multiple international relationships that are under stress and warns of “the non-stop vicious personal attacks” on Trump from “his political opponents and the left-wing news media.”

You can read the entire letter (private information redacted) below: