Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We’ve Been Saying That for Years

  • Christian nationalist David Lane is now recruiting Michael Flynn into his effort to mobilize right-wing pastors to get their congregations more involved in politics.
  • While campaigning for Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, Stew Peters attacked the “fake, phony, sellout, globalist, establishment, fossil, suck-up, cuck RINOS” who oppose her.
  • Proving that Tucker Carlson routinely uses his nightly Fox News program to spread white nationalism, white nationalist Vincent James praised Carlson for saying the same things white nationalists have been saying for years.
  • Another reminder that the religious right wants nothing more than to take control of the education system and use it to indoctrinate students with their own conservative Christian worldview.
  • Finally, the cover story in this month’s edition of Decision magazine from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is not particularly subtle: “Progressive Christianity Can Lead You To Hell.”