Tony Perkins Urges Right-Wing Christians to Become Teachers Who ‘See the Public Schools as a Mission Field’

While the right wing is attacking school boards and accusing teachers who talks about LGBTQ issues of being “groomers” intent on indoctrinating students, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is urging Christians to become teachers, administrators, and school board members to spread Christianity to students.

Appearing on the Truth and Liberty Coalition’s weekly livestream program Monday night, Perkins urged conservative Christians to withdraw their own children from public schools but also to “see the public schools as a mission field” full of students ripe for conversion by right-wing Christian teachers.

After Truth and Liberty Coalition founder Andrew Wommack declared that public schools are “nearly across the board ungodly,” Perkins said that Christian parents should never send their own children to such schools.

“I say this honestly,” Perkins said. “If you could just teach your kids to read and do basic math and never go inside the walls of a school, they would be better off than sending them to 12 years to a public school. And I’m not exaggerating. I believe that.”