Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Do Not Deserve This Man

  • It is obvious that so-called “prophet” Mark Taylor is never going to own up to his failed prophecy that the 2018 elections would result in a “red tsunami,” as he continues to insist the election represented “a huge win for Trump.” It didn’t.
  • Scott Lively thinks that former President Barack Obama must have been humiliated by speaking to a moderately sized crowd at a drive-in rally for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania recently: “That must be like the toughest thing he’s faced since he lost his boyfriends back in Chicago.” (For context, it’s a common belief among right-wing conspiracy theorists that Obama is secretly gay and Michelle Obama is actually a man.)
  • Lance Wallnau claims that he has been with President Donald Trump when he’s writing checks to Christian organizations or meeting with the families of Christian missionaries held captive in foreign countries and making the decision to work to free them. We genuinely doubt that Wallnau has that kind of access to the White House or the president.
  • “Prophetess” Kat Kerr has seen the lines of people waiting to vote early and announces that she has been told by God that “all those people in that line are voting for Trump.”
  • Finally, Michele Bachmann prays for Trump’s reelection: “We thank you, oh God, for Donald Trump, that he has been our wise, good president for these last nearly four years. Lord, in so many ways, we have not deserved this man.”