Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Voodoo Hoodoo Hulu Julu

  • Despite the network’s rabid anti-Semitism, TruNews seems to still be receiving press credentials from the White House, ​despite recently claiming that impeachment hearings are the result of a “Jew coup.”
  • David Lane declares that “there can be little doubt that for America to survive, public education must be reversed or even completely revoked. Whereas at one time sexual perversities could be encountered or obtained solely in back alleys and houses of ill repute, they now have been recycled into the mainstream by national education bureaucrats, positioned front and center in public education.”
  • Chris McDonald says that he is very grateful that Rep. Phil Roe is always willing to make time to appear on his program: “He’s never told me ‘no.'”
  • Mychal Massie vows that he will “never bow before the altar of Baal. It is time we stand up to the alphabet homosexual offal cabals that think they can force and bully their chosen sexual perversions to be accepted as normal. Their arguments for invasion into every facet of culture are not persuasive; they are an insult to sanity.”
  • Finally, Sheila Zilinsky unleashed a whopper of a prayer against those who oppose President Donald Trump.