Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Turning Them Into ‘The Lesbians’

  • Sean Feucht says that he is leading worship services in state capitols about the nation because “it’s time to reject the hopeless picture of America the Left continues to paint”:  “I refuse to watch America continue down the path of Godlessness and hopelessness.”
  • Christian nationalist activist Floyd Brown reports that he recently had dinner with fringe presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • David Lane fumes that “with the hijacking of public education over the last 150 years by secularism, its disciples now promote a load of abhorrent activities, ranging from the murder of babies in utero to the exaltation and normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism, as sacraments in the worship of the false god of secularism.”
  • Rick Green claims that he can “give you clause after clause after clause in the Constitution [that came] direct from scripture.” We challenge him to produce any evidence that supports that claim.
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn warns that the new “Barbie” movie promotes “toxic feminism”: “If you take your daughters or your granddaughters to watch this movie, you are turning them into the lesbians.”