Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trolling in the Void

  • Mario Murillo tells Christians to “wake up” to the horrors of the Biden administration: “Do you not see the blatant abuse of power? Do you not see how power is being centralized under tyrants who hate God, who hate freedom, hate your faith, and want to dominate your children’s future? Can you not see how vicious they are, how deviant they are and how determined they are to manipulate every aspect of American life?”
  • Nathan French reports that he saw former President Donald Trump “in the spirit and his ear was small” but then it “started to grow, representing his increased capacity to be able to hear and be directed by the voice of God.”
  • The Nevada Family Alliance calls for teachers to wear body cameras so that parents can monitor if their children are being taught critical race theory.
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist Bishop Larry Gaiters claims that Q was formed before the Civil War and that President Joe Biden “was actually executed two years ago.”
  • Andrew Torba recounts dealing with Team Trump when they tried to acquire a stake in Gab, the right-wing Twitter alternative he founded. He says he was warned by his family not to do any deals with Trump and declared that “all the people around Trump are interested in is grifting.”
  • Finally, it is sort of sad to realize that Milo Yiannopoulos is still desperately trying to troll liberals, but he’s been relegated to doing so Gab, a platform that only right-wing activists use.