Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trans Kids Don’t Exist

  • Appearing at the ReAwaken America tour, Eric Trump posed with anti-vax QAnon conspiracy theorist Scott McKay (aka “Patriot Streetfighter”) who has repeatedly and openly threatened to kill health care providers.
  • Speaking of QAnon conspiracy theorists, white nationalist and “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist Vincent James has no problem with them: “Say what you will about QAnon folks, there’s a shit ton of them on the boards of all sorts of organizations out here and I’ll take them over liberals any day.”
  • Jarrin Jackson, a GOP candidate for the state Senate in Oklahoma, also appears to be a “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist.
  • Christian nationalist pastor and GOP congressional candidate Mark Burns declares “there is no such thing as trans kids, there are only abusive parents and abusive adults.”
  • Shane Vaughn did a livestream blaming former President Barack Obama for COVID-19 in which he proclaimed that everyone involved is “treasonous”: “They should be hanged on the first gallows. They turned on their nation to hide their crime. They are guilty of treason.”
  • Finally, James Dobson is outraged: “Biden’s radicalized agencies were not content to merely spread lies and dangerous ideas about sex identity but also took the opportunity to include key components of Critical Race Theory, which is simply Marxism by another name. In every sense, this administration is committed to helping people love what is evil and hate what is good.”