Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Thoughts and Prayers

  • The National Rifle Association has filed for bankruptcy.
  • Tony Perkins celebrates that “we no longer have a single pro-choice Republican in the ranks” of the party.
  • The annual March For Life has been canceled and will be replaced by a “virtual event, with only a ‘small group of pro-life leaders’ invited to demonstrate in person.”
  • Robert Henderson says there is no way God would allow President Donald Trump, who “has been the best friend that Christianity and the Kingdom of God has had,” to lose and “be replaced by a baby-killing socialist” like President-elect Joe Biden.
  • Brenden Dilley declares that Republican Sen. James Lankford “sucks dick” because Lankford apologized to Black voters for not realizing that his attacks on election results from predominantly Black communities was seen as “a direct attack on their right to vote, for their vote to matter, and even a belief that their votes made an election in our country illegitimate.”
  • Finally, James Dobson is alarmed about what he believes lies ahead under a Joe Biden administration: “The Left has now achieved ultimate power in the White House, in the House of Representatives, and in the Senate. Consequently, as I warned in December, there will be no checks and balances within our system of government. The most radical ideas promoted by President Joe Biden and his majority party will be enacted. We can infer from what they have told us that the years ahead will bring more regulation, less freedom, more taxation, less religious liberty, more socialism, less democracy, more funds for abortion, less support for the sanctity of human life, less funding for the military, more illegal immigration, more restrictions on speech, less patriotism, more wasteful spending, less support for families, more regulations on business, more appeasement of China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea, less support for the electoral college, trillions more dollars for climate nonsense, more LGBTQ propaganda, less moral compunction, more governmental corruption, less oversight of elections, more ‘cancel culture,’ fewer police officers, more gun control, and less government of the people, by the people and for the people. We can also anticipate quick passage of the horrendous ‘Equality Act.’ You might want to keep track of these items as they occur. This is just the beginning.” Dobson issued a similarly panicked warning when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.