Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Really Pathetic

  • MAGA cultist Shane Vaughn responded to the news that former President Donald Trump may soon be arrested by posting seven different videos on social media over the course of two days.
  • Pete Santilli reacted to the news of Trump’s possible arrested by calling on the military and law enforcement to round up former President Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, and other members of the “criminal cabal,” line them up against a wall, and execute them.
  • Ali Alexander said that Trump’s call for his supporters to protest his arrest makes Trump look “really pathetic.”
  • While preaching during a “Fire & Glory” event, Mario Murillo ranted about “perversion” in public schools, demanded that pharmaceutical companies be criminally charged for giving us shots “that have poisoned us,” and then prayed that Trump becomes “on fire for Christ.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes attempted to explain why he thinks that women are “intrigued” by him but have to pretend like they’re not: “A lot of women want to be raped. … A lot of women really want a guy to beat the shit out of them, but part of it is that they have to pretend that they don’t.”