Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Anointed Man of God

  • Shane Vaughn rages against those “dishonorable people” who dare to support anyone other than former President Donald Trump, “the anointed man of God”: “Have you not seen the touch of God on his life, beloved friend? How DARE you go crawl in the bed with his opponents!”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “multiculturalism is a ticking time bomb, it is a suicide vest.”
  • Is Wendy Rogers really quoting “We Shall Overcome” in her support for Kari Lake?
  • Andrew Torba brags of having “shifted the Overton Window” to such an extent that even Ben Shapiro is now promoting the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory.
  • Finally, Vincent James agrees with fellow white nationalist Nick Fuentes that this nation must be taken over by a right-wing dictatorship so that America First fascists can “force society into believing what we believe.”