Right Wing Bonus Tracks: There Might Be Other Explanations

  • Sean Feucht is outraged over a German church that held a Taylor Swift-themed service: “This is not a church. This is a shrine to the demon god of Molech.”
  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Robin Bullock calls on God to “save people who know the election was stolen and bring them out to speak the truth.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer voices his support for bringing back arranged marriages.
  • Tony Perkins and Bill Koenig assert that God has been punishing the U.S. with tornadoes and floods as punishment for pressuring Israel over the Gaza war: “There’s no other explanation.”
  • Ben Zeisloft proclaims that “every legislature, courtroom, and executive mansion in our land must be brought into submission to the risen and ascended Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.”
  • Finally, since what Elijah Schaffer seemingly means to say is that “Adolf Hitler was right,” he should probably just come right out and say that.
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