Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Sin Of Government Compassion

  • David Barton and Glenn Beck are once again hosting a teachers’ conference: “Pray for these teachers over the next few days as they learn more about our nation’s history to bring back to their classrooms!”
  • Matt Walsh is calling on anti-choice students to stage a walk-out: “Why fight for the dozens of children killed in mass shootings while ignoring the millions of children killed by abortionists?”
  • Apparently, birth control is responsible for “the downturn in female happiness and the rise of sadomasochism in pop culture; the implosion of the Anglican communion; and the greying of the western world.”
  • Jane Chastain says that nobody should watch the upcoming “60 Minutes” interview with Stormy Daniels: “Daniels has explicit sex in front of the cameras for money. That makes her a super-whore. Furthermore, she directs others who do the same, not exactly a candidate for sainthood. If we stoop to watching that interview, if and when it airs, we are guilty of voyeurism.”
  • Finally, Sam Rohrer insists that it is a sin for the government to be compassionate: “The church—by saying to government ‘You be compassionate. You look the other way when somebody want to come in regardless’—is actually asking government to violate the very God-given commands that he placed upon the purpose of government [as described in] Romans 13.”