Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Silver Bullet

  • Shane Idelman insists that President Donald Trump is not a liar and that “those saying that he is lying are actually the ones doing the lying.”
  • Stephen Strang is appalled that people jokingly said they would prefer to see a meteor strike Earth than see Trump reelected: “I’m surprised so many people voted for what is essentially suicide simply because they hate Trump so much. This is demonic.”
  • Mark Taylor argues that people can trust that QAnon is legitimate because the media is trying to discredit it: “Anytime the mainstream media tells you something is a conspiracy theory, you can take it to the bank that it’s in fact real.”
  • Ted Baehr says that Best Actor Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix “needs Jesus desperately.”
  • Finally, Jim Bakker is selling a silver solution that he suggests can kill the coronavirus within 12 hours.