Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Secret Communist

  • TruNews reports that its YouTube account has been permanently suspended.
  • David Barton insists there was nothing wrong with President Donald Trump’s effort to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, claiming it was just “one anti-corruption leader speaking to another anti-corruption leader about, ‘Hey, you might want to know [there’s] some corruption going on in your nation.'”
  • Sam Rohrer explains that “God embraces the tenets from which came the economic system called capitalism, thereby making capitalism moral, [therefore] it also of necessity makes socialism, communism or [any other] ‘-ism’ immoral and, therefore, evil.”
  • Jim Bakker and Robert Jeffress cannot even bring themselves to criticize Trump for swearing during a nationally televised speech from the White House.
  • Finally, Sandy Rios warns that Pete Buttigieg is secretly a communist: “He’s very, very smooth, and he’s very, very young, and he hides his policies with his smile and his kind demeanor.”