Meeke Addison: Pete Buttigieg ‘Engages in Violent Sexual Acts’

Meeke Addison, the director of communications for the American Family Association’s Urban Family Talk radio network and co-host of the network’s “Airing the Addisons” program, appeared on the “Focus Today” program yesterday where she declared that gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg “engages in violent sexual acts with a person he claims to love.”

Host Perry Atkinson couldn’t believe that America has reached a point where people have “accepted the commonality” of having “an openly gay man” being married and running for president, demanding to know why Christians don’t “have the fortitude to stand up” and decry Buttigieg’s campaign.

“Excuse me for what I am about to say,” Addison responded. “We are talking about a man who engages in violent sexual acts with a person he claims to love. Now that’s ugly.”

“Let’s just stop for a second here and let’s realize that our defenses have been eroded,” she added. “We have been fed a narrative for so long that now we have unrighteousness that we accept … A man who marries a man and says that this could potentially be the First Gentlemen of the United States and we’re supposed to talk about his policies? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Do you understand the type of judgment that will be brought upon our country?”

“When we no longer fear God,” Addison said, “this is what we get.”