Randall Terry: ‘Pete Buttigieg Is the Judgment of God’

On yesterday’s edition of his “Voice of Resistance” program, radical right-wing activist Randall Terry declared that Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign is a sign of God’s judgment on America.

Terry, who filmed his latest program from the driver’s seat of the RV that he is using to travel to Buttigieg’s campaign events so that he can heckle the candidate for being gay, said that the fact that Buttigieg’s campaign is even being taken seriously is a sign that God has given this nation over to a “depraved mind,” as mentioned in Romans 1.

“I’ve been pondering [for] the last 48 hours a very disturbing idea,” Terry said. “Pete Buttigieg is the judgment of God.”

“One of the ways that God judges people—it says it clearly in Romans 1—is that he hands them over to a depraved mind—a depraved mind—regarding homosexuality,” he continued. “That’s what’s happening … He’s getting this coverage, he’s getting this money specifically because of the ways that he has sexual intercourse with another man. That is his defining attribute. And the fact that people are praising that and praising him is, in and of itself, a judgment.”

“Friends, we’re in trouble,” Terry warned. “We’re in deep trouble.”