Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Rising Sun

  • Glenn Beck reacted to the conviction of former President Donald Trump by recalling “something that Ben Franklin asked himself during the writing of the Declaration of Independence”: “As they were going through what they went through, he sat in his chair, and he had been looking at John Hancock’s chair, and it had a half sun on it. And he said, this whole time I had been sitting here thinking, wondering, praying, is that a setting sun or a rising sun? He deemed at the end that it was a rising sun.” That happened after the Constitutional Convention and it was George Washington’s chair.
  • Charlie Kirk calls on attorneys general to respond to Trump’s conviction by “getting creative” and finding ways to bring charges against “Open borders NGOs, Democrat ‘Civil rights’ foot soldiers, Leftwing COVID tyrants, [and] Democrat 501c3s gaming our elections.”
  • Someone should explain to Kandiss Taylor that “furries” is not “bestiality.”
  • Just a reminder that Stew Peters is racist.
  • Finally, Dalton Clodfelter finds out that being a racist, antisemitic streamer is not quite as great as it seems.
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