Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Murder of Marriage

  • Scott Lively declares that “the grooming of children is a long-term process, as was the murder of marriage. Obergefell wasn’t a knife stabbed through the heart in a back-alley surprise attack – it was a decades-long poisoning of God’s institution of marriage.”
  • Steven Franssen thinks that “it’s stupid when women aren’t pregnant at age 18.”
  • Jason Rapert says his goal is to see every seat in Congress filled by right-wing Christians: “My vision is this: That of the 535 that serve in Congress and the U.S. Senate, that we elect Christians to every one of those offices.”
  • Shane Vaughn has made a commitment to attend as many of former President Donald Trump’s rallies as possible and he was overwhelmed after he managed to get close to the stage at a recent event: “When you get to be this close to the President — and stand in faith for his TRIUMPH over the evil forces that seek to destroy him – there’s really no adequate words to describe the feeling.”
  • Laura Loomer warns that if the Republican establishment tries “to screw Donald Trump out of the nomination, the political demise of the establishment GOP will only accelerate.”
  • Finally, months ago we debunked pseudo-historian David Barton’s claim that public schools in the 1800s required students to memorize large portions of the Bible, but he just keeps repeating it. Apparently, nobody on the right cares that he keeps lying to them.