Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Latest Sign of the End Times

  • Rep. Louie Gohmert says that he prefers to refer to the mainstream media as “the alt-left media, because that’s what they really are.”
  • Stephen Kokx declares that “it’s up to grassroots Christians to ensure that Republican politicians in the future will reverse homosexual ‘marriage’ the same way they’ve successfully forced them to take up the cause of overturning legal abortion.”
  • There is something rather ironic about Jim Garlow appearing on a program hosted by birther conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi and asserting that liberals are suffering from “massive mental illness.”
  • As a result of being banned by various social media platforms, Josh Bernstein has set up a new website and will be retreating behind a paywall.
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson says that women being in positions of leadership is a sign of the End Times.