Josh Bernstein Booted From Patreon and Roku After Calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar to Be ‘Executed’

Radical right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein became a bit unhinged in a video he posted on his YouTube channel last week as he attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, calling her a “worthless pile of shit” and declaring that “this bitch should be executed.”

After Right Wing Watch posted a clip from Bernstein’s video on our website and tweeted out a short excerpt, Twitter users began to bombard various media platforms used by Bernstein to distribute his program.

Shortly thereafter, Bernstein’s original video was removed from YouTube, and his Patreon account was placed “under review.”

In a video uploaded Monday morning, Bernstein reported that his Patreon account has now been terminated and his Roku channel has been removed.

Bernstein had long ago been demonetized by YouTube, meaning that he is unable to earn money from his videos, leaving Patreon as his primary revenue source. Being banned from Patreon has left Bernstein with limited options for funding his program and so he’s launched a fundraiser for himself in an effort to raise money to build a website where he will place his videos behind a paywall and therefore “be able to speak [his] mind freely” without fear of “censorship” or being deplatformed.

When Right Wing Watch contacted several of these social media companies in August, inquiring as to why they allowed Bernstein to use their platforms despite his long history of posting bigoted and hate-filled content in violation of their stated policies and guidelines, we received no reply. But in calling for the execution of a sitting member of Congress, it appears that Bernstein has finally gone too far.