Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Hallway That Spanned Time

  • A judge has once again ordered Laura Loomer to pay CAIR $125,000 in legal fees after she filed a baseless lawsuit accusing the organization of colluding with Twitter to ban her from the platform. Needless to say, she is not taking it well.
  • Patrick Howley helpfully “translates” what the mainstream media is really saying: A story about child care really means “they want to rape your kids” while a story about the Super Bowl actually means “go BLM and kill whitey.”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “Joe Biden is a shill for mega corporations, war, and Satan himself. If you voted for him: You’re a bad person. Or a retard.”
  • If Washington, D.C., is really “the most pathetic place” that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has even been, and if she really hates working in “Loserville” so much, one has to wonder why she is running for reelection.
  • Finally, we have posted a lot of incomprehensible things over the years, but “prophet” Robin Bullock using some confusing chart to explain how Satan “made a hallway that spanned time” to bring “a duplicate of the Antichrist” in the form of Barack Obama back from the Last Days will be hard to top.