Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Gusto Anointing

  • Earlier this year, Michele Bachmann announced that Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, where she serves as dean, would be launching an online PhD program with the goal of graduating 100 PhDs who will then serve in government. On Tuesday, right-wing activist Cynthia Dunbar announced that she has been hired as a professor in the program.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy appeared on the Christian nationalist “FlashPoint” program on Tuesday night.
  • Far-right activist John Guandolo attended an event on Capitol Hill last week where he took a photo with Rep. Troy Nehls.
  • Jim Bakker claimed that “when I was on television in the early years, we had the best relationship with the Black and White that I’d ever seen in America and now it’s deteriorating.” Bakker began broadcasting in 1966, which was not exactly a time of universal racial harmony.
  • Kandiss Taylor asserted that “our whole Constitution is founded on the word of God. That is facts.” That is not, in fact, facts.
  • Finally, at an event in Colorado Monday, Lance Wallnau called on audience members who are willing to run for or serve in office to come forward that so they could receive a “gusto anointing” from his wife.