‘Whatever It Takes’: John Guandolo Trains Right-Wing Activists to Ruin the Lives of Anyone Opposing Their Agenda

John Guandolo is right-wing conspiracy theorist and anti-Islam activist so radical that in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, he praised insurrectionists for showing restraint by not publicly executing lawmakers, most of whom he claimed are “traitors” who should be “swinging from a rope.”

Now Guandolo is holding trainings for right-wing activists across the country to teach them how to identify the “bad guys, “enemies,” and “communists” in their local communities, flush them out, and throw them in jail, if necessary. During an appearance on “The Amber May Show” last Wednesday, Guandolo—a disgraced former FBI agent who now runs an organization called Understanding The Threat—revealed more about the content of these training sessions.

For a mere $15,000, Guandolo explained how he teaches activists to not only identify and remove “hostile operators” from the local government, but also to “publicly humiliate” anyone who opposes their efforts, get them “fired from their jobs,” and force them “to move out of the community.”

“Our ‘Into Action’ training program that I created about five years ago is specifically targeted at training citizens,” Guandolo said. “The goal is to show citizens how to organize a team at the county, local level, identify hostile operators—individuals and organizations—in your local community, flush them out, and reestablish a republican form of government at the local level.”

“It’s a three-day program,” he continued. “We just need at least 50 people. It’s $295 a seat, which is a bargain, and we will literally organize you as a team. We will show you how to research the bad guys in the community. We will give you an overview of what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and [we show creative ways] on how to identify these people and render them ineffective in the government or in your community, whether they’re in the government or they’re not, whether they’re a businessperson or someone that’s hostile.”

“The communities we’ve trained around the country are really able to do a lot of very good things,” Guandolo bragged. “Whether it’s literally flushing bad guys out, forcing them to move out of the community, or make them go underground, or get them fired from their jobs. Any of those things. Publicly humiliate them to render them ineffective. Whatever it takes. This is a war.”