Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Disease of Democracy

  • Jackson Lahmeyer used his Sunday sermon to declare that BLM is demonic: “The organization called Black Lives Matter is operating under the spirit of Jezebel. Did you know that organization was founded by witchcraft-practicing lesbians?”
  • Speaking of Lahmeyer, the right-wing pastor and U.S. Senate candidate will be hosting Dave Daubenmire and Sherri Tenpenny at his church tonight for an event promoting their new “The Christian Revolution” effort.
  • Stew Peters rips Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for being a grifter who is more interested in fueling her own celebrity than being an effective legislator.
  • America is God’s garden, says right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn, and Christians are called “to pull out the weeds of liberalism [and] to pull out the disease of democracy.”
  • Finally, Lauren Witzke is no longer working for TruNews, one week after her former co-host Edward Szall was fired from the network over the debacle that arose from the duo’s coverage of Mike Lindell’s “cyber symposium.”