Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Devil’s Thermometer

    • Doug Mainwaring declares that “both COVID-19 and homosexuality have been oversold to the American public. The consequences have proven to be staggering.”
    • Rick Wiles is now convinced that the explosion that rocked Beirut, Lebanon, earlier this month was a nuclear bomb. It wasn’t.
    • Ann Vandersteel did an emergency breaking news report last night claiming that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is being blackmailed after being found on tapes seized from Jeffrey Epstein.
    • Jo Rae Perkins says that mask mandates and social distancing guidelines are part of a plot to turn us into zombies, and she knows this “based on what I have read on some of the Marxist theories.”
    • Finally, Francine Fosdick warns that infrared thermometers are a tool for mind control and possibly the Mark of the Beast.