Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Democrat Party Is of Satan

  • Janet Porter claims that God has given her a plan to “take back America,” which she will reveal on Saturday.
  • Outraged that a federal judge ruled that former President Donald Trump likely broke the law in trying to prevent the certification of the 2020 election, Jackson Lahmeyer promises that if elected to Congress, he “will team with members of the House to file Articles of Impeachment against corrupt Judges who desecrate our Constitution and make decisions based off of radical left wing ideology and I will vote in the Senate to convict and impeach them.”
  • Some words of wisdom from Jarrin Jackson: “Communists lust for pedophiles [because] they hate God, His order for family, & love.”
  • Mark Burns again pledged that if he’s elected to Congress, he will push to reestablish the House Un-American Activities Committee in order to hold Hillary Clinton “accountable for treason.”
  • Grant Atkinson seems to believe that President Joe Biden is personally responsible for the fact that the Masters golf tournament does not have ice cream sandwiches for sale this weekend.
  • Finally, Mario Murillo says that “if you cannot renounce critical race theory, you are a racist,” before declaring that “the Democratic Party is of Satan and every true American has got to rise up and stop it right now.”