Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Constitutional Coup

  • The Family Research Council has launched a Center for Biblical Worldview that seeks to “train Bible-believing Christians to advance and defend the faith in the workplace, in the schools, in their communities, and in the public square.”
  • Donna Rigney claims that God will soon restore former President Donald Trump to the White House because he wants Trump in power for when a coming “Great Awakening” sweeps the globe.
  • Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) continues to insist that the military will launch a coup to remove President Joe Biden from office: “The military is the last line of defense against tyranny, and I think they’re going to be forced to step in.”
  • Why did Arizona Republican state Sen. Sonny Borrelli recently appear on a radio program alongside unhinged right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein?
  • Finally, Jim Bakker keeps falsely declaring that he prophesied the COVID-19 pandemic on New Year’s Eve 2020. He did nothing of the sort.