Dave Hayes Sees a Conspiracy Behind Democratic Concerns Over ‘Deepfake’ Videos

Last week, Congress held a hearing on the rise of “deepfake” technology, which can be used to create convincing fake videos that depict people appearing to say or do things that never happened.

Dave Hayes, a self-declared prophet, Christian author, and online QAnon activist who is better known as the “Praying Medic,” posted a video earlier this week claiming that Democratic congressional leaders held the hearing highlighting the technology in order to “create a narrative” that can be used to confuse the public about the “tons of evidence of their corruption” that President Trump will soon release.

“What does their collective concern about deepfake videos tell you?” Hayes asked. “They are creating a narrative. What is the narrative that they’re trying to create? They’re trying to create suspicion in the minds of the public about video evidence that appears to implicate them. And they want to create a narrative ahead of time that the evidence that they’re watching could be fake.”

“They know that there are real videos out there that are about to be released,” he added. “Trump has the dirt on everybody and he is waiting to play his cards. Trump is holding all the cards and the reason why Congress is freaking out and the reason why corrupt people in Congress are losing their minds … is because they know Trump has the goods on every single one of them. And he is going to release it and it is going to be made public at some point and they don’t know when, so they’re creating this narrative of deepfake videos because they know that there is tons of evidence of their corruption and it is going to come out.”