Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Taking Pride in Hypocrisy

  • Richard Land is not a fan of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “She’s delusional and deluded and has been from the moment she stepped onto the stage. She is the kind of true believer that Lenin hoped for.”
  • Kevin Swanson says that Christians must never recognize same-sex marriages, just like they would never recognize “the marriage to pets.”
  • Shane Idleman warns Christians against watching “Game of Thrones”: “If enchantments, witchcraft, familiar spirits and wizards are entertaining, something is clearly wrong. Darkness should not entertain. We must be pure vessels that God can use.”
  • Robert Knight claims that if the Equality Act passes, “it would criminalize Christianity.”
  • Finally, two days after bragging that he once got out of paying a $12,000 medical bill he couldn’t afford by talking “super ghetto” when debt collectors would call, MAGA activist Brenden Dilley is now declaring that people “should never want [their] debt forgiven” and should “take pride in paying it off.”