Kevin Swanson Blames Austin Bombings On Superhero Movies

On his radio program today, radical anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson weighed in on the string of deadly bombings that rocked Austin, Texas, in recent weeks, which he blamed on superhero movies that glorify vigilantism and anarchy.

“I believe that some of the superhero movies have an influence upon young people,” Swanson said. “Almost in every case of these superhero movies, tyranny is set against anarchy. Think of the Avengers, who are vigilantes, always setting up some form of anarchy against tyranny, as if somehow anarchy is going to beat tyranny and is going to produce something of a solution for society, but it never does. What happens is anarchy plays against tyranny, tyranny then plays against anarchy, anarchy plays against more tyranny, more tyranny plays against more anarchy and so on it goes until society is taken down with higher and higher levels of chaos.”

“This is what happens with the Batman movies as well,” he added. “Batman himself is an anarchist, he is a vigilante setting against other forms of anarchy, as in the Joker … Batman is an anarchist, he is setting himself against other forms of anarchy in an attempt to prove man as God.”

“That is the essence, the very essence of the Batman movies. It was humanistic to the core,” Swanson said. “What they wanted to do was prop up faith in people, they wanted to prop up faith in man instead of turning man to God and submitting to the true and living God. So, again, my friends, these forms of anarchy, these forms of vigilantism, et cetera, et cetera, very much advocated by the chaotic forms, the anarchical forms found in the Batman movies, the Avenger movies, many of the superhero movies.”