Kevin Swanson Hopes For ‘Fall Of The Public Schools’

Kevin Swanson, a homeschooling activist and radio host who last year hosted three GOP presidential candidates at a forum in Iowa, devoted his radio program on July 12 to complaining that Christians are merely trying to change public schools rather than abolishing them altogether.

Swanson invited Kevin Novak, the author of “Abolition: Overcoming the Christian Establishment on Education,” to discuss the issue, and the two concluded that it would be best if the public school system were to collapse and be replaced by a system run by conservative Christians that would give everybody “more freedom.”

“Academically, the educational system’s turned into a really, really, really big joke,” Swanson said. “It seems to me it’s gonna fall on its own weight, so I’m not sure we are going to have to bring about the fall of Jerusalem or the fall of the public schools here. It seems to me that this thing’s gonna fall on its own weight.”

Novak responded, “Well, I think, let it happen, you know? If Christians really believe the Scriptures, then we’re gonna be the ones to reconstruct society. We’re gonna be the ones with the answers, and that’s already happening.”

Novak claimed that when he ran a homeschooling group, non-Christians would ask his group for help and for “answers” regarding education.

“We Christians have the answers, and for those Christians out there—a lot of them are in the homeschool community—I know that there are issues with homeschooling and private Christian schools, but I like to think that we’re part of the solution and not the problem, we’re at least trying,” Novak said.

Novak continued, “But we’re the ones with the answers, and we’re the ones that are going to save liberals from themselves because liberals actually have more freedom when Christians are in charge than when their own people are in charge, and let’s let the civil government school system collapse.”

Novak warned that upon the public school system’s collapse, Christians must be prepared to call for “…less law and less taxation, less regulation, and complete autonomy to be able to educate in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”