Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Snopes Is a CIA Operation

  • Erik Rush predicts that future generations will ask how conservatives allowed liberals to start “our next civil war” in America: “Had their progenitors really sanctioned things like infanticide and tolerated a brisk market in dissected baby parts? Did they really let 350-pound, bearded males in dresses terrorize women and little girls in ladies’ rooms just because they said they ‘felt like women’? Did parents actually stand by while such individuals were invited into their local schools to instruct their children?”
  • The Family Research Council prays against Drag Queen Story Hour: “Father, our land is awash in sexual immorality and confusion. You promise to judge us for all such behavior. God, help us to intervene in righteousness to prevent the abuse of little children across our land. This has gone way to far! Help us, O God!”
  • David Barton falsely claims that the Naturalization Act of 1790, which limited citizenship to only “free white person[s],” was actually an “anti-slavery thing.”
  • Bradlee Dean declares that Snopes is “a CIA operation.”
  • After celebrating the supposed restoration of his YouTube account last week, Pizzagate-obsessed right-wing journalist David Seaman reported today that he is, in fact, still banned from the platform.
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire warns that Barack Obama created a “civilian security force” for the purpose of killing conservatives: “Wake up my friends. The Black Hats hate God and they hate you. They are embedded throughout the government. What if Muslim Obama stacked the deck? What if he silently built his army? How will they respond if Trump wins? How will they respond if he doesn’t? Turn to Jesus. Trouble is coming. Perilous ties are upon this nation.”