Family Research Council Asks Supporters: Pledge to Pray Against Impeachment

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins speaks at Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., Sept. 21, 2018. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

A mailer sent by the Family Research Council, a Religious Right organization opposed to LGBTQ equality aggressively enough to be considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is asking supporters to sign a pledge to pray against any effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

In a letter sent to FRC’s mailing list dated February 2019, FRC President Tony Perkins writes that Christians and conservatives need to use their “combined clout” to tell legislators in Washington that it’s not acceptable to threaten to impeach Trump. Perkins goes on to write that “the Left” is talking about impeaching Trump because he is “keeping his conservative campaign promises to defend faith, family, and freedom!”

“If Christian conservatives like you do nothing, President Trump won’t stand a chance!” the letter states.

Included with FRC’s letter asking for prayers and donations is a pledge it asks supporters to sign, date, and return to them. Signers of the pledge agree to “pray for our President and for an end to this politically motivated threat of impeachment.”