Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 4/12/17

  • Linda Harvey says that “the upcoming April 21 ‘Day of Silence’ in schools will milk the ‘LGBT’ victimhood narrative for all it’s worth, even though this movement is hardly silent but screams its demands as a reckless, ruthless bully throughout American culture.”
  • Amid a growing sexual harassment scandal, Bill O’Reilly suddenly announced that he’ll be going on vacation for several weeks.
  • Scott Lively wonders if the “Syrian false flag [was] President Trump’s price for getting the Gorsuch confirmation.”
  • William Matt Briggs is outraged by a new children’s book that features gay characters: “We have reached a point of decadence that I don’t think anybody could have predicted, say, 100 years ago. And that’s what this book is trying to show you: that not only is the level to which we’ve fallen normal but it has always been this way.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that a college professor who called for Trump to be hanged is a “filthy, rotten, evil, twisted leftist scumbag” who “should have been aborted.”