Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Satan’s Proxy

  • Dennis Prager says that the global reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has been the greatest mistake in human history.
  • Tim Barton claims that anyone who had “an open, honest” mind would agree that President Donald Trump was very “meek” and “likeable” during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.
  • Michele Bachmann insists that the election night prayer campaign organized by Kenneth Copeland Ministries swung the election for Trump in 2016.
  • Charles McVety warns that the downfall of Jerry Falwell Jr. is part of a demonic effort to undermine Liberty University: “The devil wants those 100,000 students turned away from the Word of God.”
  • Finally, Robert Maginnis says that Satan “has either directly or indirectly recruited” George Soros to serve as one of his top proxies on Earth.