Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sanctuary Cities Are ‘A Little Picture Of Hell’

  • Franklin Graham says that sanctuary cities are a “little picture of hell.”
  • Josh Bernstein hopes that the judge in the Tommy Robinson case “burns in hell.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root is writing “a new book on Donald Trump’s business and political success.”
  • Todd Starnes thinks that ABC cancelled Roseanne because the network hated the fact that the “program attracted a huge audience of gun-toting, flag-waving, blue collar Trump supporters.”
  • Alex Jones claims that Trump’s announcement that his administration will soon roll out a new healthcare plan is the fulfillment of a promise to make sure the public has access to all the secret cures for cancer that global elites have hidden.
  • Finally, Scott Lively announces that he is shutting down his Abiding Truth Ministries: “I have not changed my view that society should follow the Bible as the guide to sexual morality in public policy, but believe my emphasis should shift away from a culture-war perspective to a conservationist perspective in which the natural family is recognized as the essential eco-system of humanity that must be protected and preserved in the mainstream of society. I expect to enlist authentically conservative homosexuals in this cause, as well as political liberals with natural law presuppositions on environmental and conservationist issues — especially regarding transgender extremism as it morphs into transhumanism, with all of its horrific science-fiction-come-to-life implications.”