Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sad Day for Milo

  • When asked to place a letter grade on his time in office to date, Trump gives himself an unsurprising “A+.”
  • Kat Kerr is taking authority over a hurricane.
  • Peter Sprigg, the Family Research Council’s proponent of scientifically discredited gay “conversion therapy,” calls California’s bill that would ban such therapy as the “Must Stay Gay” bill.
  • Josh Bernstein claims he has uncovered “six signs that point to John Brennan’s likely conversion to Islam.”
  • Robert Oscar Lopez warns that if Democrats gain control of Congress in the midterm elections, “a system of child sex abuse will develop far worse than anything we have ever seen.”
  • As first reported by us, Milo Yiannopoulous has been disinvited from the Politicon conference in California