Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Reset

  • The fact that unhinged QAnon conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin is “literally in tears” over the fact that she is now able to make money on Twitter tells you all that you need to know about what Elon Musk has done to the platform.
  • Nick Fuentes can’t understand why he is a pariah just because his “views are consistent with what everyone believed one century ago.”
  • Jon Miller declares that “the real holocaust was when the jewish bolsheviks conspired to kill millions of white people and would you be shocked to hear they are at it again.”
  • “Apostle” Tim Sheets repeatedly proclaimed the word “reset” over the White House, declaring that now “you diabolical leaders will lose your position, in the name of Jesus.”
  • Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland is proud to declare himself a Christian nationalist: “I proudly own the term Christian nationalist. The left can call me that all they want.”
  • Finally, Liberty Counsel is hoping to use the Kim Davis case to overturn to the Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling: “We intend to take Kim’s case back to the Supreme Court to (1) win the right to religious accommodation, and (2) overturn Obergefell.”