Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Refusing Vaccination to Own the Libs

  • David Horowitz declares that “there is no systemic racism in America” because it was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act.
  • David Lane says that the threat posed by the COVID-19 virus is insignificant and the supposed concern about the “health and safety of Americans turns out to be merely godless cultural Marxism’s common mode of framing its warfare on the culture.”
  • Peter D’Abrosca succinctly explains why he will not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine: “I dislike the people who want me to take it, and it makes them mad when they hear about my refusal. That, in turn, makes me happy.”
  • Kelleigh Nelson claims that the conviction of Derek Chauvin was a “human sacrifice to Marxist mobs.”
  • Finally, Linda Harvey urges Christians never to affirm a transgender individual’s gender identity: “Don’t let the threat of suicide cause you to affirm something that you know is harmful or is questionable in any way.”