Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rebel Without a Clue

  • Bill Mitchell was not impressed by the testimony of the Capitol Police officers who participated in the Jan. 6 Select Committee hearing Tuesday: “I honestly think all these male cops testifying about how scared they were are just angling for free sex-change operations.”
  • Shane Vaughn claims to have a “religious conscientious objection” to the COVID-19 vaccines and announces that he’s willing to provide a letter saying so to any member of his congregation whose employer mandates they get vaccinated.
  • Eric Metaxas says people should refuse to get vaccinated just to be a rebel: “If the government or everybody is telling you [that] you have to do something … if only to be a rebel, you need to say, ‘I’m not going to do this.'”
  • Greg Locke is doubling down on his mask ban, announcing that he’ll be hanging banners informing attendees that the wearing of masks is prohibited in his church: “We will not allow it. We’re a mask-free campus.”
  • Starting in August, DeAnna Lorraine will be hosting a daily radio program on the Real Talk 93.3 station in St. Louis.
  • Finally, for $45, Gordon Klingenschmitt will sell you a golden Trump coin “to remind you to pray for our 45th president.”