Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Working for the Big Guy Upstairs

  • White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says that she is “a Christian woman, someone who believes in equality, in truth, in loyalty and honesty” because “I know who I’m ultimately working for and it’s the Big Guy upstairs.”
  • Eric Metaxas claims that anyone who opposes racism or slavery does so because they got those values from the Bible: “That’s a fact. You don’t need to like it. You don’t need to be a Christian. But that’s a historical fact.”
  • Chris McDonald declares that “our Founding Fathers would have hung” former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  • DeAnna Lorraine tells her viewers and followers not to get tested for COVID-19 because she doesn’t want to be contacted by contact tracers if they test positive.
  • Finally, anti-choice activists are lashing out at a forthcoming documentary in which Norma McCorvey (aka “Jane Roe”) reportedly confesses that her transformation into a born-against Christian and anti-abortion activist was “all an act.”