Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Obama’s Rebellion

  • Scott Lively predicts that “we’re likely going to see the return of the Lord within a fairly short window of time: months perhaps, years probably, but not decades.”
  • Bill Mitchell was a big fan of Gen. James Mattis until Mattis criticized President Donald Trump, after which Mitchell started claiming that he knew that Mattis was a “screaming liberal” all along.
  • Peter LaBarbera is outraged by reports that Jared Kushner wants to remove support for anti-gay “conversion therapy” from the Republican platform: “He and his wife [Ivanka Trump] proclaim Orthodox Judaism – and that’s very odd [for him to push this] because Orthodox Jews historically have been opposed to homosexual activism, and here he is sort of siding with the gay lobby. And also, his wife … has celebrated [and] advocated for ‘gay pride’ with tweets and such.”
  • Pat Robertson’s Regent University has unveiled the Robertson Center for Constitutional Law.
  • Finally, Chris McDonald says that former President Barack Obama’s address regarding the police killing of George Floyd and subsequent nationwide protests is an act of “rebellion” akin to the biblical story of Korah, who challenged the leadership of Moses and was killed by God as punishment.