Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Need To Hold Your Breath

  • Doug Mainwaring is very opposed to the prospect of Pete and Chasten Buttigieg having children: “I’m hoping that the Mayor Pete is an intellectually curious soul and that he is willing to weigh his own interests against the interests of any child he might obtain.”
  • John Zmirak has a very unsubtle warning about the dangers posed by Buttigieg: “What will kill us, if anything does, will taste like clover honey, not cider vinegar. It will carry a sinister sweetness, like a pool of tasty antifreeze that poisons hapless cats. It will smile at us, and praise almost all our ‘values.’ It will quote soothing snippets of scripture. In fact, it will appear as a mild angel of light. It will look and sound a lot like Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.”
  • Rick Wiles wonders if Israel will give President Trump dual citizenship so that he can move there when he leaves office “and run for the Knesset.”
  • BarbWire says that, during her time in office, Sen. Kamala Harris “has come across as a racist, a hater, a manipulator, an antagonist and more.”
  • Finally, Chris McDonald says he is holding his breath until Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rasida Talib condemn the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka … which is strange, given that both have already done so.