Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Dumber Christian

  • After getting banned from YouTube, Josh Bernstein has simply created a new channel on the platform to post his inflammatory right-wing commentaries.
  • NewsBusters is outraged that Twitter has flagged hundreds of tweets from President Donald Trump and his campaign as false or misleading while “former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign have been censored 0 times.” It has apparently never occurred to them that perhaps Trump and his campaign routinely spread false and misleading claims while the Biden campaign does not.
  • Lance Wallnau says there is “no dumber Christian” than one who says, “Maybe it’s the Lord’s will that Biden is president.” Wallnau’s response to that is, “Maybe it’s the Lord’s will that Auschwitz got built, but I don’t think so.”
  • James Dobson begs conservative Christians to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff elections in Georgia: “The Judeo-Christian system of values that have upheld our great nation for nearly 250 years is in danger of disintegrating. Georgia is ground zero for what may turn out to be the most consequential political battle our country has ever faced.”
  • Michele Bachmann has never been a victim of domestic abuse, but she reports that she has felt wounded every day since the election and “sensed that that was Satan [who] was physically throwing punches and wounding and abusing.”
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley declares that Trump “is not going anywhere” because his supporters “are more than prepared to do everything—and I mean fucking everything—to preserve our constitutional republic and to protect our president.”