Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Age of Consent

  • It is 2023 and Joseph Farah is still writing about former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.
  • Sen. Josh Hawley was pilloried when he posted a fake Christian nationalist quote from Patrick Henry last month, but that did not stop Christian nationalist worship leader Sean Feucht from posting the exact same fake quote himself.
  • Shane Vaughn tells his viewers not to be worried about former President Donald Trump’s myriad legal problems because Trump will simply delay them until he gets reelected and then “his protégé will be the next president, who will completely pardon him of all charges.”
  • Charlie Kirk warns that public school teachers “are grooming your kids”: “They’re coming after them and they’re turning them gay and trans in a way that you might not believe.”
  • Elijah Schaffer wishes we would “all stop pretending like [saying] the n-word is a big deal.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes declares that there should be no such thing as an age of consent because girls should be married off as soon as they reach “a reproductive age”: “I think the age of consent should be lowered. I don’t even really believe in the concept.”